Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Brotherly love

Tad would tell me before the baby was born that if it was a girl, she had to sleep in the kitchen.  :} 
I was a little worried to see how he would react when a baby girl was born.   He came into the hospital room and looked in the bassinet.  Fred lifted him up to see and asked "Can you see her?" 
Tad: "It's a girl?"
Dad: "Yep"
Tad: "I hid my dime"
(Nannie had bet Tad that it was a girl.  She gave him a dime and he was supposed to give it back if it was a girl.)   

I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight.

Sometimes he teases a little and I can tell he wishes she would play back with him, but for the most part he's a VERY helpful kid.  

He'll watch her when I ask. 

He's more than excited to show daddy all of her new clothes.

Wearing earmuffs so he can't hear her cry as he tickles her awake.

"Look at the pile I made on Oaklee".   Luckily it was just her feet covered in heavy beanbags!

He shares his "dolly" that he has renamed "Oaklee". 

He reads to her and shows her his homework. 

Every time I lay her on the ground for tummy time Tad is right there by her. 

She saves all of her biggest smiles for her brother. 

He "rescues" her from nap time.  :}  How could I be mad?

He shares his sticker from the doctor's office with her.

So blessed to have 2 beautiful children. 

I know there will be more pictures like these to come- Oaklee loves her brother to pieces....even though he loves her to pieces sometimes!

Teaching her how to run a remote control car.
Telling her all about firemen.

Changing his dolly's diaper like mom changes Oaklee. 

Sharing his preschool mascot with Oaklee.

Tad loves to wake Oaklee up.   I try to let him every chance I can so that he doesn't feel like I'm always telling him "Shhh, Don't wake the baby".   Plus, she wakes up super happy to see his face. 

"I'll tell you about boys, then you tell me about girls."   I love to eavesdrop on their little conversations. 

Lots and Lots of kisses!

Sharing his favorite puppy.   "Don't let her spit on it!"

Best big brother ever!

So happy to see brother!

On Tad's bunk bed.

 1st time swimming together.
Tad often reaches out to hold Oaklee's hand. 

Watching TV together while mom gets dinner.

Snuggling on Tad's bed.  When we put them in the same room for bedtime she would fuss a little and we could hear him say "brother is here Oaklee". 

Such a tender moment.  Tad was trying to play on the IPAD and instead of yelling at Oaklee for touching it, he moved her hand and kissed it. 

Tad insisted that they both have firetruck jammies (he says he's getting her another set for her Christmas present from him).

"Towing Oaklee's car because she crashed it."  Such a caring brother.   The walker has added a new dimension of them playing together, Tad loves to be able to move her.

This picture tells you exactly how Oaklee feels about her brother! 

Snuggling on the couch to give Oaklee her bottle. 

"I'm taking Oaklee for a walk."

"Now Oaklee can be a fireman"

Tad got to feed Oaklee her first cereal since it was on his birthday. 

Oaklee's first camping trip.  She fell right to sleep without a fuss in the tent next to Tad. 

Tad is the BEST big brother we could have ever asked for Oaklee to have.   He's so patient and loving with her.   She already worships the ground he walks on.  At night if we put her to bed without letting her say goodnight to Tad, she cries.   If we take her over to his bunk bed and let her smile at him, he reaches out his hand and tells her "Goodnight Oaklee, see you in the morning", then lay her down she goes right to sleep.   In the morning we lay her in his bed to wake him up with her cooing.  He tickles her toes then rolls over to snuggle her.  :}
He doesn't resent the time she takes or how much she cries.  He always helps when you ask him to get something for you.   He tells his little sister secrets and giggles with her.  I hope as she gets older she shows him as much love as he's shown her. 
 I think he's definitely going to be missed as he starts school this week.   But I can't wait to see their grins each day when we pick him up! 

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